J.K.Adams Case Study

The Challenge: Revival
J.K.Adams reputation was solidly rooted in their heritage. But they needed a way to evolve into the 70 year old cutting board manufacturer that was ready for the future. A thorough brand analysis was completed which included competitive research, internal and stakeholder interviews, SWOT analysis, and positioning.

The Solution: Uncover the full story.
Beyond manufacturing cutting boards, J.K.Adams provided their customers with an expertly curated online and brick-and-mortar kitchen store full of products to support a modern culinary lifestyle. In an era when the kitchen is the core of the home for family and friend gatherings, this advantage allowed J.K Adams to stand out as a true point of culinary and lifestyle inspiration. The new tagline, "For Your Kitchen, Home, and Life" has given them a platform to connect with their current and new customer's on variety of truly meaningful levels.

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Disciplines provided:
Brand Research & Positioning
Branding & Identity Design
Tagline Development
Collateral Design
Responsive Website Design
Tradeshow Signage and Support Materials
Photography Art Direction