Jetboil Case Study

The Challenge: A growing brand
Jetboil launched into the outdoor industry LIKE a jet. The early adopters were the low hanging fruit. But to hit critical sales numbers they had to broaden their appeal and create easier pathways for the technology challenged user to get the tech and see the value in Jetboil’s products.

The Solution: Deliver user specific messaging
We aimed first efforts on the primary point of contact for Jetboil’s consumer by developing packaging that could explain the Jetboil product, simply, to consumer groups not specifically known for embracing new tech. Upon a redesign and subsequent successful launch, the collaboration turned into a multi-year relationship. This gave us the opportunity to create a new visual language and user friendly messaging that established Jetboil® as the innovative yet user-friendly outdoor cook stove company. We executed the new brand platform across a wide range of touchpoints and gave Jetboil® a new foundation for their marketing. Jetboil‘s position within the outdoor industry culminated in an acquisition by Johnson Outdoors, the parent company to outdoor innovators such as Necky Kayak and Eureka! Tents. 

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Disciplines provided:
Tradeshow displays and support materials
Product graphics