Blake Hill Preserves Case Study

The Challenge: Launch a new brand
Position Blake Hill Preserves, a small, home-based Vermont business, as a brand that can be competitive and memorable within the national arena of natural fruit preserves.

The Solution: Tell a different story
Blake Hill was telling a “Me too” story when they should have been telling one filled with differentiation and uniqueness. Beyond their “hand-made” and “all-natural” mantra was an authentic story about multi-generational English preserve making and a unique culinary heritage from Gibraltar. This combination produced a more compelling and extremely competitive brand position (as well as some amazingly high-quality products). Blake Hill Preserves is now distributed nationally with growth rates over 700% since launching.

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Disciplines provided:
Brand Research/Positioning
Development Packaging
Collateral Design
Responsive Website Design
Tradeshow Signage and Support Materials
Photography Art Direction